On this page you can download applications for Alpha Omega forms for running your chapter, international programs, and information for starting a new chapter at your school.

what is AO?

Alpha Omega a non-secretarian dental organization based on professional excellence, fraternalism and Judaism. To learn more about our history, watch the youtube video below.

Starting your own chapter

To start your own chapter there are couple things you need to do. First, you need to recruit members. To the left is a powerpoint presentation designed for a member recruitment meeting. To recieve a charter for your chapter, you need a minimum of seven members. Next, you need to fill out a petition for a charter. Once you have done both of these things, you can mail in: 1) membership forms and $55 checks for each of your members, 2) a petition for a charter, and 3) $75 fee for your charter to headquarters. You can find all the needed forms to the left.

The next step is electing officers. A minimum suggestion for officers is president, president-elect, treasurer, and secretary. One you have completed this, you can mail in your officer updates to headquarters.

running your chapter

By November 1 every year, each chapter must turn in: 1) a dues cover letter with the dues of new and returning students, 2) a membership form for all new members, and 3) the officer update form. By February 13, each chapter must mail in the senior certificate form. A description of the rituals performed at official AO ceremonies is included in this section. All forms can be found to the left.

AO programs

This page contains the application forms for the externship program (due Feb 28), a program designed for AO students to spend several weeks over the summer externing in the office of an alumni member. Also, on this page are guides for associateships and post-graduate training (residencies).


Information and travel reimbursement for chapter delegates for national convention can be found here. The deadline for submitting your chapter delegate form is Nov 1.