The foundation is the portion of Alpha Omega that deals with our fraternity's financial donations. The students became a vital part of foundation with the formation of the chai club. Students also have representation in the activities of the foundation board through the student foundation rep.

chai club

The chai club fund is a collection of money raised internationally by student members of AO. This money is given to charities or causes determined worthy entirely voted upon by the student members.

Joining chai club

You can join chai club by sending $18 to international headquarters. Members recieve chai club pins.

the ao global oral health initiative

global health

This group is designed to bring together people who provide care and support to those who have dental and medical needs. It is based on the belief that poor dental health is debilitating in the sense that it affects overall well being and creates a psychological stigma. If you have been a part of a program or mission or desire to be, that has helped people dentally, you are invited to join. Please visit the website at